It is important that Strongwear™ garments tick all of the boxes our customers are interested in. Our clothing is waterproof, breathable, durable, reliable, comfortable and versatile. Strongwear™ merges high quality technical fabrics with technical designs to satisfy the active user, offering a wide selection of protective clothing for all occasions.


Strongwear™ has scoured the planet to ensure only the absolute highest quality materials are used. Polyurethane instead of PVC, Nitrile instead of latex, Merino wool instead of synthetics. All Strongwear™ products are proven to be extremely durable under diverse work conditions and at different work locations, offering superior comfort and personal protection.

Comfort & Productivity

Strongwear has developed a complete line of work wear for use in industrial environments through extensive insight with industry professionals. Our products comply with all major safety requirements, so you can work without worry.  Comfort also plays a very important role in the choice of work wear for those who wear them the entire day. Strongwear work gear is characterized by a perfect fit, comfort and durability.